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Kiteboarding is undisputedly our favorite thing in the world. And as much as we love to ride, we love sharing the stoke even more. We would love to bring you on an unforgettable kite adventure to one of the many secret spots we have discovered over the years.



We offer some of the world's best downwinders in mind-blowing conditions and locations. What makes these adventures so unique is the unrivalled beauty of the scenery, as well as expert local knowledge of all the best hidden spots and routes. While we need a certain set of conditions to align to allow us to explore each of these areas, when it all comes together, we get to shred miles and miles of clear turquoise water with not another soul around. Our guides will show you all the best of what TCI has to offer and keep you safe and supported the whole time. 


Whether you are looking for secluded glassy flats or exhilarating waves, we’ve got you covered. We organize downwinders along our stunning barrier reef with beautiful waves, be it for carving or boosting off of. We have downwinders through butter flat waters among the little cays and inside mangrove channels. We can also take you for more of a sightseeing trip down the southern coast of Providenciales. We’ve got something for the freestylers, the surfers and the foilers, as well as casual kiters that want to try something different. 

There are many epic options depending on your preferences, wind direction and tides. Our 29-foot World Cat will pick you up and take you to the launch point, comfortably and quickly, where our guides will help you set up, give a short briefing, and then it's kites up! Our boat will follow and support you where possible. We also have routes that need no boat support, and in that case it’s just you and your guide setting up and taking off on an adventure. Our downwinders can range from 1-2 hours all the way up to 4-5 hours. While on the boat, we provide water and snacks to keep you hydrated and energized.


We offer public and private trips giving you the option of joining a group, bringing your own crew, or booking the boat out for yourself and making what you want of the day. For private adventures please see Boat Charters for pricing and contact us to discuss options. 



starting at $165 per kiter*


Safaris & Sessions

In addition to our world class downwinders we also love bringing kiters to a perfect spot and letting them shred it until they can’t shred no more. Turks and Caicos Islands has some of the most stunning, pristine kite spots in the world. Cruise along secluded white sand beaches, glide through butter-flat mangrove channels or surf on our beautiful barrier reef. 


Let us take you to our favorite locations, from the cays right next to Provo, through North and Middle Caicos, all the way to Grand Turk. We pride ourselves in finding the right spot for you on any given day, depending on what the weather is doing and what sort of kiting you are in the mood for. Choose either to session one spot or book a full day with us and we can switch it up to give you more options and playgrounds to enjoy. 


We offer public and private trips giving you the option of joining a group, bringing your own crew, or booking the boat out for yourself and making what you want of the day. For private adventures please see boat charters for pricing and contact us to discuss options.

starting at $145 per kiter*


Foil & Wave

Foiling really is a game changer for kiteboarders. You can enjoy it in way lighter wind than conventional kiting, it is much less tasking on the body and it can take you to places you would never venture on a twin tip. No wonder it is gaining popularity at a dizzying speed. And Turks and Caicos is a perfect spot for it, with steady trade winds, miles and miles of beautiful coast and 

some foil friendly waves.

The same breaks which can be enjoyed by experienced foilers are the perfect playground for fans of surfing with a kite. Our seemingly endless barrier reef and ridiculously clear turquoise water make for some unforgettable surf sessions.


If you are looking to surf our reefs we recommend you come down in the winter months when waves and wind align best.

starting at $165 per kiter*

options and prices

Choose the right adventure for you and your crew


Public Trips


We need at least four riders and the right wind conditions to make these trips happen. Some of our favourites are:


Half Moon Bay Session $145 per kiter*

Caicos Cays Kite $195 per kiter*

North Caicos Downwinder $235 per kiter*

Provo Downwinder (Long Bay to Omar's,  Leeward to Bight Park, Conch Shack to Northwest Point, etc) $165 per kiter*


Private Trips

For a truly unique private adventure check out our boat charters

On these trips you are the boss! Tell us what you wanna do and we will do all we can to give you an unforgettable experience. Book a half-day to shred close to home, or a full day to escape to the outer islands and their spots. 

See boat charters for detailed pricing. 

starting at $1,275*



Hire your own private kite guide for a half or full day

Hire your very own personal kite guide for your session, be it from boat or land. They will support you in any way you need and show you the best spots we have in TCI. Instruction is charged at regular teaching rate. 

starting at $550*


Kite in paradise

* Please note that all prices are subject to an additional 12% government tax. Our cancellation policy is 50% charge within 72 hours, and 100% charge within 24 hours. Payments made by credit card will incur an additional 4% bank charge.

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