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There is no cooler water sport than kiteboarding and no better place in the world to learn to kite than TCI’s Long Bay Beach, with miles of waist-deep turquoise water, soft sandy bottom and steady onshore wind, almost all year round.


With over 20 years of experience in teaching kiteboarding we will get you where you want to be, as quickly and safely as possible.

Whether your goal is to master the kite and learn to stand on the board, get consistent upwind runs and clean transitions, do your first unhooked tricks, or maybe master upwind tacks, we will be right next to you and support your progress the whole way. 


Learn this wonderful sport quickly and stress-free in one of the most scenic shallow water spots on the planet.


private lessons

With just you and your instructor by your side, you can focus and progress at your own pace, and spend all the time flying the kite and improving your riding skills. We find one-on-one lessons to be the fastest and most efficient way to gain competence in the sport. All levels can be accommodated, from complete beginners to advanced riders looking to jump higher or learn new tricks.

$175 per hour*



Bring a friend and learn together. Sharing a lesson and instructor is a common choice for people wanting to try kiteboarding for the first time. Learn from each other’s successes and mistakes while you get used to handling the kite, and make life long memories together. 

$125 per hour per person*


group lessons

Have a couple of friends or want to get the kids out? This is a great cost-effective way of getting a group out on the water. The same basic skills will be taught in the first lesson, giving everybody a chance to feel what the sport is all about. Once you’re hooked however, we recommend switching to private lessons to maximize progress.

$100 per hour per person*



Already riding and able to keep yourself safe, but still want someone to keep an eye on you at a new spot? Supervision is a great way to give you that extra level of comfort while you practice at your own pace. We will make sure you get out on the water safely and we will share any local knowledge you might need. And we usually can’t help ourselves and end up giving away a few tips to help smooth and finesse your style.

starting at $85 per hour*


lesson packages

If you are serious about learning to kite or committed to mastering a particular skill, pre-booked lesson bundles are a great way to save money: 




If all hours are not completed, then what has been done will be charged at regular hourly rate.


Group package rates available where suitable and requested.

6h - $950*
8h - $1,200*
10h - $1,400*
15h - $1,950*


We run our lessons around low tide, giving our students waist deep water to learn in. This helps to accelerate progress and provide a safe environment with your instructor by your side.


For all lessons, please bring a rash guard and suitable swimwear (bottoms that will stay in place), cheap sunglasses with a retainer, fully bio-degradable reef-friendly sunscreen, refreshments, and a parent if you are under 18.

All lessons take place on Long Bay beach:

* Please note that all prices are subject to an additional 12% government tax. Our cancellation policy is 50% charge within 72 hours, and 100% charge within 24 hours. Payments made by credit card will incur an additional 4% bank charge.

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